The process of obtaining probate

Probate is a grant made by a Court that ‘proves’ the Will of a deceased person and vests title to estate assets in the executor/s. This is the official process that allows the executor to deal with the deceased’s estate. As the legal personal representative of the estate, the executor must determine the assets and […]

Understanding the Partner VISA process

There are two types of visas which let the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia, either temporarily or on a permanent basis: The Subclass 820 – a temporary visa, and it is the first step towards a permanent visa, but […]

Parenting Arrangements during COVID-19

The ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges for separated parents. What is even more challenging is the complexity of understanding and navigating the evolving COVID-19 restrictions, whilst at the same time trying to ensure that Court Orders are being adhered to. But what are you supposed to do? What happens if […]

Your pre-separation checklist

Going through family separation can be an overwhelming experience.  There are many things to consider which you are likely unaware of. If you have separated or are considering separation, we suggest you obtain legal advice to know your rights and obligations. You can book a free initial consultation with Hartleys Lawyers at an office near […]