COVID-19 and Stay at Home Directions

The Federal and State Governments are now imposing safety measures and Stay at Home Directions to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic (‘coronavirus’). To ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients, our solicitors will now be working from home, as will the majority of our support staff. As many of our clients would […]

Financial impacts of COVID-19 on family law property settlements

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has triggered a domino effect on the world as we knew it, causing many of us to reconsider current and future plans. For those involved in a family law property settlement, it presents issues that may now need to be considered or revisited. Whether you have just started negotiations, are in the […]

Family law and co-parenting in difficult times

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought additional stress and uncertainty to many families involved in co-parenting which, by its nature, can be stressful enough. School closures, state and territory border closures, additional pressure on healthcare workers and providers of essential services, job loss, and isolation all pose significant challenges to those families with shared parenting arrangements. […]

How marriage and divorce can affect your Will

Marriage, divorce and your Will – what you need to know About half of all Australians do not have a valid Will. Of those who do, many put their Will away in the bottom drawer of their filing cabinet and never think of it again. But making a Will is not a once in a […]

The importance of financial advice in a family law property settlement

Many family law property settlements are reached through negotiation which can be formally documented through a binding financial agreement or consent orders. If agreement cannot be reached amicably a party may need to initiate Court proceedings seeking that the Court make orders for the division of the parties property. No matter how a property settlement […]

Inheritances and family law

Families and money can sometimes be a volatile combination. That is never more so than when separation and inheritances are concerned. When is an inheritance an asset for family law purposes? The simple answer is “almost always”. But the answer is not always simple. Why is an inheritance an asset? When a separating couple needs […]

Shining a light on drink driving

Drink driving continues to be one of the main causes of road fatalities and injuries in Australia. It is clear why Governments and the Police support strong laws, and why the Courts impose tough penalties. In this article we take a step back and examine why we have the laws we do today. Random Breath […]

The divorce process explained

Divorce is the well known legal concept of ending ones marriage. What is less well known or understood is that in Australian law we have an established principle of nofault divorce. What is even less well known is the mechanics surrounding what is actually done, and the steps involved. In this article we will endeavour […]

Children’s care arrangements following separation

Following a separation parents do not have to go to Court about the care arrangements for their children. As a matter of principle we encourage our clients to reach an agreement if possible without the need to resort to the Family Law Courts. Parents who are able to reach an agreement regarding care arrangements for […]

Sexting – what are the legal ramifications?

‘Sexting’ is the term used for the communication or distribution of sexually explicit (nude, sensual or indecent) material including, photos, ‘selfies’, or videos through text messages, internet posts, chat rooms or other social media. These images leave a ‘digital footprint’ and seldom disappear from the internet entirely – once loaded, there is little control over […]

We’re still friends, why do we need a ‘legal’ property settlement?

Many couples separate on good terms, which is great. The breakdown of a relationship can be difficult, however putting differences aside to move forward can be beneficial, particularly where children are concerned. Former partners who remain on good terms may choose to make informal arrangements regarding the division of their property. However, the failure to […]

Social media and family law – Just don’t do it!

Social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the like – can be a lot of fun and have become an accepted part of modern life. Many of us use such forms of electronic communication to share the exciting, as well as the banal events in our lives, to express our views and to stay […]