The importance of financial advice in a family law property settlement

Many family law property settlements are reached through negotiation which can be formally documented through a binding financial agreement or consent orders. If agreement cannot be reached amicably a party may need to initiate Court proceedings seeking that the Court make orders for the division of the parties property. No matter how a property settlement […]

Inheritances and family law

Families and money can sometimes be a volatile combination. That is never more so than when separation and inheritances are concerned. When is an inheritance an asset for family law purposes? The simple answer is “almost always”. But the answer is not always simple. Why is an inheritance an asset? When a separating couple needs […]

Shining a light on drink driving

Drink driving continues to be one of the main causes of road fatalities and injuries in Australia. It is clear why Governments and the Police support strong laws, and why the Courts impose tough penalties. In this article we take a step back and examine why we have the laws we do today. Random Breath […]