COVID-19 and Stay at Home Directions

The Federal and State Governments are now imposing safety measures and Stay at Home Directions to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic (‘coronavirus’).

To ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients, our solicitors will now be working from home, as will the majority of our support staff. As many of our clients would be aware, Hartleys Lawyers are well accustomed and equipped to work away from our primary Sunshine and Fitzroy offices, and many of our staff have now been primarily operating from home for approximately the last month.

We wish to take this opportunity to assure all recipients of this newsletter that it is our aim to remain fully operational and continue to provide an ongoing and uninterrupted high quality service to our clients during this difficult period.

Some of our support staff are at this time continuing to work at our Sunshine and Fitzroy offices each day unless it is deemed unsafe to do so. Our usual phone numbers will remain operational, and our usual email address of reception@harlteyslawyers.com.au will continue to be monitored. Despite this, we ask that you do not attend our office in person unless an appointment has been agreed upon by necessity.

All of our solicitors are now set up with direct a mobile number via which they are contactable on during business hours. If you do not yet have the direct contact details for the solicitor primarily responsible for your matter, we recommend contacting them to obtain their direct number.

If you have a current matter with us and have any concerns in regards to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your matter we encourage you to contact the solicitor handling your file to discuss.

We have catered the following three articles provided in this newsletter towards issues which we expect our clients may now be grappling with. We hope the information provided is of value.

We otherwise encourage all our clients, past or present, to contact our office if they have any queries or concerns.

Please note that this newsletter is intended to provide general information at the time of writing only, and may no longer be up to date at the time of reading. Hartleys Lawyers does not provide any advice in regards to COVID-19 Stay at Home Directions, or health advice. Independent medical advice should be sought if you have any concerns.

Finally, we hope this newsletter finds all recipients happy and healthy despite the difficult circumstances.

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