Financial impacts of COVID-19 on family law property settlements

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has triggered a domino effect on the world as we knew it, causing many of us to reconsider current and future plans. For those involved in a family law property settlement, it presents issues that may now need to be considered or revisited. Whether you have just started negotiations, are in the […]

Shining a light on drink driving

Drink driving continues to be one of the main causes of road fatalities and injuries in Australia. It is clear why Governments and the Police support strong laws, and why the Courts impose tough penalties. In this article we take a step back and examine why we have the laws we do today. Random Breath […]

The divorce process explained

Divorce is the well known legal concept of ending ones marriage. What is less well known or understood is that in Australian law we have an established principle of nofault divorce. What is even less well known is the mechanics surrounding what is actually done, and the steps involved. In this article we will endeavour […]

Sexting – what are the legal ramifications?

‘Sexting’ is the term used for the communication or distribution of sexually explicit (nude, sensual or indecent) material including, photos, ‘selfies’, or videos through text messages, internet posts, chat rooms or other social media. These images leave a ‘digital footprint’ and seldom disappear from the internet entirely – once loaded, there is little control over […]

Understanding your legal rights if questioned by police

Surprisingly, many people do not know what their legal rights are if they are questioned by a police officer. It is important for everybody to understand these rights, particularly teenage children, young adults or those who may be vulnerable. The way a person reacts to police questioning can have a significant impact on how the […]

Making Your Will Count – Healthy Will Checklist

It is important for everyone over 18 to have a Will to make sure their wishes are followed and their assets are distributed as they would want after they die. If you don’t have a Will your assets will be divided according to how the law dictates in the rules of intestacy, that is, when […]

My name is not on the property’s title – what can I do?

Just because your name is not on the title of property does not mean that you cannot protect your interests in it. It is possible to place a caveat on the title of a property in Victoria when you have an interest in the property. It is really important that you do place a caveat […]

Do I have to give my former partner all of my bank statements?

Generally speaking, under Family Law in Australia, each party has an obligation to provide full and frank disclosure of their financial position. However, what forms part of this disclosure can be a complex question. For example, are the requested documents relevant? How many years worth of documentation is being requested? If you have been requested […]

Can I change Final Orders if they no longer work for me and my family?

The law recognises that circumstances are subject to change, and what was once the best option for the family at the time of making the Final Orders may no longer apply. Where this occurs, an application must be made to the Family Court of Australia or to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, to change […]

How do I know what split I will receive?

Half the angst of ending a relationship is determining who gets what in the split. Dividing up a life together is messy and controversial. The ultimate question people want answered however is, what percentage am I getting overall and how do I get more? The following article provides an overview as to how this split […]

Superannuation in Family Law

When one thinks of property decisions made pursuant to the Family Law Act 1975, a vivid and clear image is summoned: orders for the division of property that will finally determine the financial relationship between parties. We’ve heard it a million times before – the wife gets the boat and the luxury car collection, the […]